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Timeline1 week + post-release improvements


Made for Weekly Game Jam 206.

The Idea

I decided stealth would be an interesting genre to explore this week. I asked myself: “What if stealth but you can freeze stuff?”. What resulted is a game that echoes elements of top-down RPGs, stealth games and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

In this game, you've performed an infiltration and are about to take the prototype clock. You must now escape, using the clock to freeze time and sneak past obstacles.

What went well

I learned a few new things, such as how to make music persist across gameplay scenes. I've learned some cool ways to use the space around my 1:1 box frame, so this week's game is widescreen! I'm getting better at managing DontDestroyOnLoad() these days too.

On the final day, I learned to make good use of the Unity-provided shape primitives. I know it saved me a ton of time. Each of the objects the player interacts with are composed of them. They seem to work well with my basic style too. Will definitely be using those again in future jams.

What went wrong

Lag from the last week's entry slowed me down this week. That, and I definitely over-scoped again.

I spent too long on silly technology like the door transitions. I later realised that one big scene with clever camera direction would've worked. I made a whole inventory backend for one item too, which could've been a flag on the player.

Despite these issues. I can celebrate delivering it within the deadline.

What I learned

  • Think before implementing. You often over-complicate things. You're probably re-inventing wheels.