Game Jams

  • The Magdalen

    The Magdalen gameplay thumbnail. Fix your ship to get back home! Made for NGF2024 (unfinished)
  • Multiplanetary

    Multiplanetary gameplay thumbnail. Billionaires are leaving. Send them back! Made for Ludum Dare.
  • It Has A Beard

    It Has A Beard gameplay thumbnail. This virtual pet must clean up after itself! Made for One Hour Game Jam.
  • Into The Clouds

    Into The Clouds gameplay thumbnail. Don't fall into the sky! Made for One Hour Game Jam.
  • Marble & Glass

    Car Configurator gameplay thumbnail. Explore a vaporwave-themed shopping mall. Made for Vaporjam.
  • PHN1504.12

    PHN1504.12 gameplay thumbnail. Utilise the clock's power to escape! Made for Weekly Game Jam.
  • Charged

    Charged gameplay thumbnail. Use your charge to pick up and repel. Made for Weekly Game Jam.
  • Waiting For Uptrend

    Waiting For Uptrend gameplay thumbnail. $GMJM is dipping and fast! Made for Weekly Game Jam.
  • Ghoul Must Eat

    Ghoul Must Eat gameplay thumbnail. Eat to survive and grow. Made for Weekly Game Jam.


  • Re:Dream

    Re:Dream gameplay thumbnail. Throwback 3D platforming. Made for Mastered bootcamp.
  • Car Configurator

    Car Configurator gameplay thumbnail. Post-apocalyptic vehicle customs. Made for Mastered bootcamp.
  • Rad Rocket!

    Rad Rocket! gameplay thumbnail. Avoid and shoot. First self-published game.